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This is more of a service review than a product review but I think it still warrants a plug!!
Firstly, I have not received any discounts etc for this I just want to share the info!!
As seen in another thread my seat o the old RMX was shagged, the cover was torn in 2 spots and the stitching was splitting in another. Besides the tears and splits the foam itself was pretty much rooted from about 1/2 way back and non existent along on side.
After a recommendation from DG i looked up their details, had a look at the website and gave Johno a call. The only day I could drip it off was a Tuesday which is his day off so he advised me that i could drop it off at a neighboring business which was very handy, so last Tuesday I dropped it off and have just picked it up and although I've not used it yet I have to say that I'm stoked with the result.
He took the foam off and dried it out completely, cut away the damaged and rotting sections, rebuilt/replaced the foam and them wrapped all the foam in a thin plastic to prevent water from getting into it again (subject to me not tearing it of course!!). He has finished it off by doing a better than factory job of recovering it in gripper material including sowing in side panels to ensure that it is pulled in tightly at the front of the seat. I also noticed that at the front he has sown in panel of a different material where it wraps under the seat and will make contact with the tank.
When I initially spoke to him he quotes me between $120-$160 depending on how much repair work was involved with the foam... The total cost - $120 - again, STOKED!!!!!
While there I saw some of his custom work and he sure knows his stuff!!