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Your seat is not just something you sit on -- it could make a real statement

Here's an outstanding way to get a cool looking seat -- and a much more comfortable one, too.

Johno of Bitchin Stitch has been in the trade for three decades and, as a real rider, he not only speaks your language but understands that when it comes to customising your seat, getting the look and design right is paramount.

Johno can re-cover your seat in a stunning design and with a comfortable Gel Pad insert recessed inside so the seat height doesn't change. Or he can completely reshape your seat, from the base to the stitching, including turning twin seats into one single seat but with twin gel pads hidden inside.

When it comes to design, all artwork is done by hand. You can opt for unique stitching in a variety of flame and tribal designs. Johno can even match paint if it's feasible.

Johno is very particular about the materials he uses, choosing only the best quality UV-rated vinyls, leathers and cottons. He's also got some exotic skins, suede and Rubber Grippa (for dirtbikes) and underneath the lot is premium foam. Don't think that rank old foam is going to be stuffed back in.

Johno says his customers love the gel pads he imoorts from USA because they heat up and shape to you: in fact, the further you ride, the more comfortable the seat feels. One service he offers is to completely reshape the seat to suit the rider: great for shorter people.

Prices range from a simple road-bike seat recover for $250 to a full custom reshaping job in premium leather with beautiful artwork stitching and gel pad inserts for around $900. And, judging by the hand-made quality, the seats are worth the price.

Johno has also been posting gel pads to New Zealand and Queensland riders, so there's plenty of scope to get what you want.

When you take your bike to Bitchin Stitch, they will have it for 10 to 14 days for a simple makeover, or around three weeks for the full custom job. You can just mail your seat for a gel pad to be fitted, too. There are plenty of options.

It doesn't matter if you have a road, classic, vintage, race, show or dirt bike, Bitchin Stitch can do the job.